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Microfiber Pet Towel [cj]

Microfiber Pet Towel [cj] 94009 Towel

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Microfibre Pet Towel / 21st Century Technology!!!  Here is a NEW soft microfiber pet towel. Measurements are 19 & 3/4" x 19 & 3/4". The pattern is a delightful paw print design. In this towel there are 14,000 ultra-thin fibers per square centimeter. As a result the towel absorbs 8 times its weight in water! It is also fast drying and attracts mud and dirt like a magnet!  This is advanced microfiber drying technology. The towel can be machine washed and dried. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets. It is delightful to store because unlike most regular towels...this one takes up very little room!

Sale of this item benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.  Cost of the towel is $7.50 and includes USA Shipping.  Shipping will be handled by Christa James.  For international shipping fee transactions, please write to Judy Longhouse at
  • Sale of this item benefits:Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Shipping handled by:Christa James

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