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Emergency Cards "My Pet is Home Alone" [mn]

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We all have to occasionally leave our pets at home alone. We all should have an EMERGENCY "MY PET IS HOME ALONE" CARD in our wallets!!! In case of an accident or illness, the emergency personnel will know your fur kid is home alone and who to contact. This would be one less thing for you to worry about!!!! This is not a lightweight card. It is a sturdy, thick and durable card. Measurements are: 2" x a tad over 3". There are two lines printed on the back for you to write the name and phone number of the person/persons you would want contacted. The card fits in your wallet. The top is printed in red to command attention and states it contains emergency information. On the back is the name and number of a person who knows what to do to care for your fur kid until you can get there. If there are two people in the household, consider having each one carry a card with the other's name and phone number along with someone else in case you're both detained. 

 Donation will benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF). Shipping will be handled by Marlene Norton.
 Donation $1 for one which includes USA shipping.  Multiple purchase discount. 

Buy some of these for family and friends who also have pets. You just might become some animal's hero!!!!!
  • Sale of this item benefits:Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Shipping handled by:Marlene Norton

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