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28" Chunky Chain Necklace- West Germany [kd]

Here is a 28" goldtone or silvertone metal chain necklace. The design is attractive with tiny raised relief accents to reflect light. The geometric design is eye-catching without being obtrusive. At the neck there is a secure clasp that is marked: "WEST GERMANY". This necklace looks like new!!!

This item was donated to Italian Greyhound Rescue (IGRF) by Sondra Grumbein, DVM. After her mother sadly passed away she collected pieces of costume jewelry from the estate and donated them to Rescue.


24 K Gold Plated IG Charms [kd]

Unfortunately the pix shown left do not do these lovely charms or small pendants justice. Reflections within my scanner from the glossy gold finish interfered with accuracy. These are 1" Long IG charms made of pure 24 K gold overlaid on a brass core. 24 K gold is very soft and without the brass core these charms would be easily damaged. There are 3 diamond cuts along the ribcage which reflect light and a sturdy loop at the top. These charms are GORGEOUS!!! 

Shipping handled by Karen D. Cost includes USA shipping
For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: 

A NEW VERSION of the Louis XIV Rings in Gold or Silver [jl]

In this new version the delicately detailed IG heads are placed side by side instead of nose-to-nose
Available in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver.  

Shipping handled by Judy Longhouse.
Cost includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at:

Beautiful Sterling Silver Pendant with Two IGs [kd]

This sterling silver pendant was donated to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation by Mary Scott. It is an incredibly graceful pendant featuring two gorgeous Italian Greyhounds. The dogs are nestled close together. Measurement is: 1.5" W. The size is perfect….not too large nor too small. The photo above does not do this lovely pendant justice. You will be thrilled with the attention to detail and the sheer beauty of this lovely pendant.

Only the pendant is offered. You will need to provide a chain of your choice.

Sale of this item will benefit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF). Shipping handled by Karen DiRocco.

Coral Color Pin [kd]

Here are some gorgeous real quality glass pins in various shades of coral and in various shapes and sizes. Each pin has three things in common: 1. a lovely Italian Greyhound 2. a pumpkin and 3. shades of rich deep coral!!! These pins are eye-catching and absolutely beautiful!!! They are especially appropriate for the fall season...but would be lovely for any season! These pins were created for IG Rescue and donated to IGRF by Susan Frumerie Pretto. Each one is unique!!!! On the back of each is a pin with a tac type of closure.

Sale of the item benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.  Shipping handled by Karen DiRocco. Cost includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: