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POEMS for the Iggy Hearted [CJ]

POEMS FOR THE IGGY HEARTED Karen and Craig Boardman have respectively, authored and illustrated a charming little 8.5" by 11", spiral bound booklet extolling the "wonders" of Iggy companionship. It's 24 pages contain prose, poetry, games, observations, witticisms and cartoons depicting ordinary life with extraordinary dogs. We all can relate.  Sale of the book will benefit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. 

Cost of the book is $14.50.  Shipping handled by Christa James.  Cost includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: 

The Ciao Hound Cookbook [jb]

Here is a collection of delicious PEOPLE recipes for dog lovers the world over!!! There are 50 pages chock full of recipes and also some full color pix. Top quality glossy paper was used along with a convenient side binding. Individual pages of this cookbook will lay flat for easy reference. The book is divided into the following sections: Appetizers and Starters; Entrees; Side Dishes; Desserts.<p> Over 135 mouthwatering, taste tested recipes are included. There are recipes for soups, salads, casseroles, easy crock pot meals, etc. Members of the Italian Greyhound internet list sent their FAVORITE recipes for inclusion in this cookbook. Many of these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Each has survived the test of time. Every recipe in this book has been used over and over again with great success!!!<P> Also included are some classic canine photos of the naughtiest Iggy in the World (Sheridanes Our Gracie) getting ready to pilfer a portion of this human banquet. Whether your dog is an Italian Greyhound (Iggy), a Saluki, a French Bulldog or a will appreciate these humorous photos and captions. Cost of the cookbook is $18.50 and includes USA shipping.

Shipping will be handled by Julia Bondanella. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: