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The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation is proud to announce our annual picture drive for the 2020 official IG Rescue Calendar!!! Last year's calendar was GORGEOUS...thanks to all of you!!!! Your Italian Greyhounds and other animal friends made the 2019 calendar truly special! Once again we are asking for your help. Printing cost for a full multi-page color calendar is expensive. This is why we need your financial support as well as your beautiful animal photos.

For 2020 ... we are keeping our photo spot fees the same. We ask that you share pix of your IGs and other animal friends by purchasing calendar spots. Here is the list:

1. Thumbnail Photos: Small photos at $25.00 each. We need MANY of these! You may take a photo of your IG, dog of another breed or mixed breed, cat, bird, mouse, turkey or pet flea. ALL ANIMALS ARE WELCOME IN THUMBNAILS! No humans are welcome anywhere in this calendar.

2. Iggymate of the Month: We are looking for a quality, beautiful photo of your Italian Greyhound(s). There is only one photo per month and that photo must be a color photo of an IG(s). $150

3. Calendar Back Full Page Photo: Photo must be of an Italian Greyhound(s). $150 (Only one back page photo will be used.)

4. Calendar Front Page: Photo must be of an Italian Greyhound(s) $400.00 (Only one front page photo will be used.)

5. Business Ad: Advertise your kennel or any kind of business $25

PLEASE PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS CALENDAR!!! Your dog and/or other pet or animal friends will be memorialized in this calendar forever!!! Your kindness and caring by reserving and paying for a calendar spot will do SO MUCH GOOD! Once the calendar is paid off....all money will go directly to the little guys and gals in IGCA Rescue funded through the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. Because the Foundation and IGCA Rescue exist, canine lives are made better and so are human lives!!! These organizations provide a bright future for both people and animals!!!!

If you would like to reserve a spot or spots & participate in the 2020 calendar please write directly to Judy Longhouse at: . Don't wait! DO IT NOW!!!!

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR PIX!!! Because of YOU...this year's calendar will be awesome!!!!

Judy Longhouse
Italian Greyhound Rescue

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Full Color 2019 Italian Greyhound Calendar [sfp]
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Full Color 2019 Italian Greyhound Calendar [sfp]
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